Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Cats Caught on the "Wildgame" Camera!

There is a lot of activity out there in the Black of the night that we would never know about if we didn’t have the WildGame Camera….
What do we have here? From this angle it looks like some kind of a strange "wild" animal.

But here it looks just like a Kitty with a strange colored body. We don’t know....wish we did.  What do you think, give us your best guess?

Now this is our latest visitor. It's pretty obvious that this is a Feral cat. I had no idea there were this many cats running around at night out here. You never see a loose cat around in the daytime. I can’t imagine anyone letting their pet cat run loose at night… It has to be a dangerous life out there for them.

I haven’t checked the Camera the last few nights, so it's hard to tell what else has been around.  I’ll let you know if anything else shows up.  One thing you can tell from the pictures is that it's been rather cool at night around here. The first two pictures show 37* and the last one shows 32*.  It has since warmed up to the high 30’s and low 40’s, with daytime temps of 60+ and nice clear skies with warm sunshine.

I finally got my new AR 15 that I bought at Cabelas “Black Friday” sale fixed up so I could take it out and shoot it. It’s a beautiful little rifle and I was anxious to put some lead through it..

The AR 15 First time out..
Wow, I really like the way it shoots.  Set up with the Red Dot scope, it's nice and light and easy to handle.

Ms. Pat enjoyed shooting it as well. It was easy for her to handle and she was extremely accurate with it..

Ruger 10/22
She also enjoyed getting familiar with her new Ruger 10/22 after I got the Leupold scope mounted on it. It was a great, enjoyable afternoon out in the desert behind our house all by ourselves shooting our new toys!  We enjoy this place immensely!

Yesterday morning just before sun up I did manage to slip out in our yard and get a picture of the Lunar Eclipse.. This won’t, as I understand it, happen again until June 15, 2014. Neat!  Take a look at the Bayfield Bunch Blog for more of Al's shots of the Eclipse.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

But don’t forget the BIG SALE we have going on with our PressurePro Tire Monitoring Systems. Take a look at the website and then give us a call for our special sale pricing.  Here is the Notice:

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Thank You all for stopping by.

Merry Christmas……..and don’t worry about Santa, remember this is Jesus's Birthday. Remember him!


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Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

I learned a quick lesson the hard way in the Army when you shoot the AR15(M-16) left handed make sure you button your top button on your shirt because that shell is very hot when it comes out...OUCH

Ruth said...

I have used the Pressure Pro now for almost 5 years. How long do the batteries in the sensor's last? I do notice of late that we get more 'red dots' when it's doing it's scan than we used to. It does find itself next scan around, but it does seem it's happening more than it used to. Does this mean we should get the batteries changed? And if so, how do we go about doing that? Thank you.


Your first pictures look like a marbled Bengal cat. I have a Bengal, and they are wonderful pets.

Donna K said...

Nice shot of the eclipse. We saw only cloud cover here in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

Jim and Sandie said...

I personally think your first cat looks like a watermelon from the back.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Love the eclipse picture. Good job!

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

I like the wildlife camera pictures! And the target practice looks like fun. We are still very satisfied customers with our Pressure Pro we got from you at the RV Dreams Rally in Kerrville. Sounds like someone can get a deal with the year end special going on.

Al Bossence said...

Been so long since I've ever fired a gun I probably wouldn't know which end of the gunsight to look through. Had a .22 once as a young fella and shot a groundhog. Felt so terrible about that I gave the gun away. In fact I still feel bad about that to this very day.

Elaine said...

love the cat pictures...that first one is marked beautifully...please don't get a hankering to shoot them ..have a super week...

Rod Ivers said...

You might have to change out Gina's sand in front of the house to something a little less litter box like!!! LOL Rod

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Love the wildlife pictures!! Keep them coming!

And you two look like professionals with that gun!! :)