Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Have An Answer!!

I do believe The Happy Campers* got it right when they told us in the remarks of Sunday’s Blog that our cat "visitor" in the first two pictures was a “Marbled Bengal” cat.  They just happen to have one. Go to Rex and Mary’s Blog.   Scroll down a couple days and you will see a picture of their Kitty. Then scroll down to my last Blog and see how much they look alike. Thanks Rex and Mary for that information.

I googled Marbled Bengal Cats and saw dozens of cats with all kinds of marking just like the one our night camera caught in our front yard. What beautiful cats! I had never seen one before.  Jim and Sandie said they thought the cat looked like a “Watermelon”!  Ha, I thought that was funny but it sure is true!  Elaine and Rick  commented on what a beautiful cat it was and they asked me to please not SHOOT it!…..Ha-ha don’t worry folks, I would never shoot it. NEVER!!!.....unless it posed some kind of danger situation.  I am predominantly a Target Shooter, paper or metal targets.  I have never done much hunting per se, other than hunting girls when I was much younger. :-)

Now let me say that I have nothing whatsoever against game shooting, as long as it is done legally. I have done a lot of shooting but most all of my shooting has been at artificial targets such as silhouettes, etc. All my shooting in the past has been with pistols and a lot of it was qualification shooting for my job. This is my first adventure into rifle shooting.  I've had a nice little 22 lever action saddle rifle for years but I never shot it…   never even thought about it, since I always had 10-15 pistols at my disposal all the time.

Then a few weeks ago my good friend JRoger put one if these Ruger 10/22's, with a scope and a suppressor in front of me and said “here shoot it”. Wow! I loved it.  Then I found out that Ruger makes this Rifle, which is by far the most popular 22LR in America and sells it for under $200.00. I was interested and a complete new world of shooting opened for me.  I love guns, any kind of guns and always have.  I will no doubt open a lot of controversy by saying that but to each his own.  As my son says “But that is just me”. You may be different and that’s your business, not mine. I won’t criticize you, if you won’t criticize me, OK?

It's been really rainy and nasty around here for the last couple days and it's keeping me pinned up a little too much. I'm spending way too much time shopping on the computer and Ms. Pat says it better clear up soon or I’m gonna break the Bank.  eBay knows me by first name anymore. :-)  Unusual to have so many bad days in a row down here in the Desert….

I went out yesterday evening to retrieve the SD card out of the Wildgame Camera and found that the wind had blown it way off target, so no pictures of our strange visitors today.  I did get this one the other day..
A real wild animal,,,
Definitely not much wildlife left in that guy!!  Who is that anyway??

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We especially want to welcome the New Followers on our Blog:


Welcome aboard folks, we are happy to have you stop by.... that brings us up to 213 followers now. Wow, seems just a short time ago I thought it would never get to 50. Click on these folks' pictures and if they have a Blog, you can visit them.

Well, back to eBay and Craig's List, as it doesn’t look too good outside this morning either…… Ya'll take care and be safe!

Ruth has a PressurePro question that she posted. Ruth if you or anyone else  has a question or problem with your System, give us a call at the phone # I posted in my last Blog. Ms Pat is the worlds Best troubleshooter and she will help you and if she don't know the answer, she will get you to someone that does. She is in constant contact with the PressurePro home office troubleshooters. Plus she has been to the Home Office several times for hands on training....

Folks we are about out of the PressurePro business. I think we might have ONE system left....  However, that said we will always be around to help you same as before. Plus we still have a lot of accessories for sale........Christmas is almost here! HURRY ! No better time than the present for a  safety item like a Tire Pressure Monitoring System!

God Bless everyone as we continue to thank our Father above for all his Blessings on us.


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Elaine said...

I knew you wouldn't shoot him :)....hes too cute for that..I'd love to just hug him tight...we don't have a cat...but we do have two puppers...have a super day...

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

According to all the blogs I read it's rainy and yucky all across the country. What's up with that?? Later today we're predicted to have ice from all our lovely rain when the temps start dropping. Good ole Nebraska.

Donna W. said...

Rainy and yucky in St Louis too!
oh well better than the white stuff.
I like to bake you like guns, to each his own.

Sue and Doug said...

mighty 'handsome burgler'!!!

Al Bossence said...

I think my Boyhood Cowboy gun fascination has always stuck with me. Aside from owning a Mossberg 22 as a young guy once I have never owned another gun. Probably has something to do with living in our much gun regulated Canada. But, I still seem to have the same fascination for them. No interest whatsoever in hunting but target shooting might interest me.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

It is raining here in Ohio, and Paul said it started raining in Houston. Of course they are all excited. They are 24" under the norm for that area.

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

So sorry about all the rain. Hope it is about over so you can get more active and spend less!!

You an Ms Pat be safe now!!