Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wow…Here It Is December Already !!

Last Blog I commented on how fast Wednesday’s came.  Well, that’s true for Decembers too!  Yes, it's December already.  Seems like it was just December a short while back. But it's here again!!!
We have been back to North Ranch here in Arizona one month today.  I have been wanting to get my wheel covers on the motorhome because this side takes bright sunshine every day, all day!! The direct sunlight and the dry air here is hard on tires and dries them out especially fast.  It's not much of a job putting on the wheel covers and only takes a few minutes, but I didn’t want to put them on over dirty wheels.  So I wanted to wash and polish the wheels before I put them on.  Now that is a job! I don’t seem to get up and down from my knees like I used to, so I sorta put off the job longer than I should have.  You know, other more fun things to do. Smile  But you can only put things off so long.  They don’t seem to go away.  Here I finally got the wheels all washed and polished and the covers ready to install.

There they are all shined up pretty!!

There, my pretty shinny wheels are all covered up and the tires are protected from the damaging ultra violet  sun rays.     Finally!  Whew, that only took me a month…

While I was at it, I put on the mirror covers too. These mirrors seem to be favorite spots for the birds to land and roost…..and do you know what. These seem to discourage them from doing that, plus the covers came with the Motorhome so I might as well use them.

When we're traveling, Ms. Megabyte spends a lot of time in the Motorhome alone while we are out gallivanting around. So we got this little sign from the  "Two Crazy Ladies” and keep it in the window near the door.  To HECK with the Motorhome, but PLEASE save our little kitty!!

I wanted to show this picture so that Gina and Rollie could see how much the Cacti haVE grown in the beautiful Rock Garden that Gina made for us while they were here in 2010. All these cacti were mere babies back then and you could hold each one in the palm of your hand.    It is still beautiful and I enjoy it so much… I think of Gina every time I look at it.  She and Rollie would go out in the desert and hunt rocks for hours and hours.  Then they would come back and Gina would spend hours and hours putting them just exactly where she wanted them. She also did the one up by the house in front of the porch. That one required that they haul many, many buckets of sand and rocks. She also fixed up the back yard.  I haven’t touched a one of them.  Nobody better move a one unless Gina wants to move them when she comes back to see us…  Gina “ROCKS”!!

I have a pretty good crop of oranges going this year if a hard freeze doesn’t get them.  These oranges won’t be ready for harvest until early Spring.
These two trees are navel oranges and they are producing now.  I’ve already gotten some mighty fine oranges off these trees, especially the one on the left. That is not snow you see under them, it’s a special kind of citrus tree food that I give them ever so often. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a citrus grower, I just ask a lot of questions at the local nursery and from folks that are experts.  So anything I say, is definitetly “hear say”! Smile

Here are some of the oranges we are getting and enjoying, They are super delicious.  Oh, that’s a tennis ball on the right just to show you the size of the oranges. Didn’t want you to think is was a lemon or something.  We don’t have a lemon tree but our neighbor has a Grapefruit tree, and that supplies us and several other neighbors with all the grapefruit we can eat.

The weather has been wonderful every day.  It's about 50"* when we get up and it gets up to the mid 70’s during the day. Just about perfect.  We know it won’t last forever so we are enjoying it while we can. Last year at this time, it was Snowing We Have a New Cat.

Yesterday Ms. Pat spent all day in a Quilting class at the Wickenburg quilt shop and I spent the morning at the Pistol Range shooting in a Tactical match…….shot a little over 100 rounds at 4 different scenarios.  Then I came home and cleaned guns.   Finished up just in time to go in and relax in my recliner and enjoy two championship football games of our favorite teams....Univ of Nebr and Florida State. 

Then the TV wouldn’t come on.  I worked on it until Ms. Pat came home and then she worked on it and called a few people… Hummm, its BROKE!!!   Of course its on a weekend and no one can fix it until Monday.   But Wait, were saved.  The Motorhome has TV.  Yep, out there I went and the TV  fired right up.  So, I got to watch the Game, that is until Ms. Pat came out and woke me up and told me I better come in to bed.  Those late games do me in and I seldom see the end…..Sad smile

Thanks for stopping by and remember something I haven’t told you for a long time....”Be sure to tell your loved ones you love them”, they may not be around forever…..

God Bless


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Paul and Marti Dahl said...

How come you didn't get any pictures of your tennis ball tree?

Ruth said...

I'm with you on that one!!! The heck with the motorhome just please rescue the dog and cat. They cannot be replaced!!!

Al Bossence said...

I have always liked the look of the way folks in the southwest do their landscaping. Love those Cactus gardens like yours & the garden there at North Ranch. Once established, they require little maintenance, but are a prickly bit of business to put together. Gotta love this super great Arizona weather.....

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Mike - Looks like a great crop of oranges, ours are just starting to look ready enough to pick. Love the sign in the motor home, we know who is really in charge, don't we!

JerryC said...

Great looking orange trees. Wish I could grow them here, but have tried about three times and lost them each time. I thought I was the only person that slept in the chair until the wife comes and wakes me to go to bed.:-)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

The motor home is looking pretty spiffy. Good job!

Sue and Doug said...

yummy looking oranges,fresh off the tree! How lucky you are!

squawmama said...

Your gardens and Oranges look GREAT!!! Sad that our NOLES didn't win...
Have fun