Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Friends and a Super Motorcycle Ride

Our good friends Gregg and Bonnie Gheyssens stopped by to see us a for few days on their way south. They have been on an awesome trip this summer. They left their Toyhauler and Volvo Truck in Canada and rode their Motorcycles to Alaska. They traveled over 7000 miles on their Harleys, with Gregg pulling a little camper trailer. I have showed you pictures on this Blog of them during the summer. That had to be some trip of a lifetime!

I enjoy hearing their tales of this great experience.  They are dedicated Motorcycle riders and Harley enthusiasts. Their Harleys are their only "other" mode of transportation besides the Big Volvo Truck.  If you want to know anything about Harleys, Gregg is about the best guy I know to ask.  I have learned a lot from him and we enjoy riding with him and Bonnie a lot.    

Since they will only be here a few days, I wanted to get in a good ride with them before they had to leave. So yesterday at 10am, we headed out. The weather was outstanding and it was a great time for a ride.  We headed for Custer State Park.

It wasn't long until we were on the Wildlife Loop and amongst the Buffalo.  What a beautiful sight. "Home, Home on the Range....where the skies are not cloudy all day"!  It was an enjoyable ride as we continued all around the park and up to Keystone and across to Hill City. It took us all of 5 hours and we traveled 100 miles of some mighty crooked roads.

We were all pretty worn out out by the time we got home, all except Gregg.  I think he could have gone for another 100 or two.  Gregg has been riding motorcycles for a long time and he has ridden through the Black Hills and Custer State Park a few times before. He comes from Canada and for years he rode his Harley from Canada to South Texas.

I enjoy the kidding I have been getting from a lot of you on the "downsizing". Some can't vision going to a 40' Diesel Pusher as "downsizing" and I can definitely understand.  We have been considering going to a Diesel Pusher Motorhome for a few years and looked at a zillion of them. One of the reasons we didn't make the move was because none of them had anywhere near as much room as our Teton's....not upstairs, nor downstairs in the "basement"....not really anywhere near.  Believe me.

However, I just can't seem to get it into my head that we will not be "full- timing" any longer.  15 years of living in an RV has left me with a one track mind.  I can't visualize just traveling in an RV and not living in it.  I still want to take "everything" I own with me.  It's driving Ms Pat and I both NUTS. First of all, we can only get maybe 1/3rd of what we carried in the 45' Teton and big Volvo Truck in this Motorhome.  What to TAKE and what NOT to TAKE is overwhelming!   Plus, it's a slow process. I have stuff strung all over my shop  and the Toy Barn to the point that it is a MESS.   Somehow, we'll get through this and probably make a lot of mistakes but it's an experience.  When my girl Gina gets back, I know she will have the answer. That gal is the best organizer in the whole wide world.  She gets stuff done! Thank God she will be here in a few days........I can't wait!!!  Hear that girl?

Welcome to several of our latest FOLLOWERS, several have been with us for weeks!

Gail Durham
Me and My Dog
B.W. and Carol
Freely Living Life

WELCOME,,,to you all. We are glad to have you with us. That brings the count way up to 123 now.   Wow!  It was only a while back we didn't even have 50.  I love it!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

God works in strange ways, but let me tell you they are great ways and I truly give him praise everyday for everything he gives us...

God Bless you all!

Thanks for stopping by.


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Karyn-Lee said...

Great post!
I envy you guys for being able to get a ride in here and there.
I miss my bike (even though it wasn't a harley).
I have a scooter now, would be embarrasing to ride with me now??!! :(

I think for me, the biggest difference in the two types of RVing vehicles would be turning and backing up. Totally different scenario and a whole new learning curve!

I towed a little trailer for a while, and now looking at motorhomes, I am awed in their size.
I suppose I can't wrap my head around the length of the truck/trailer as being one unit (and longer) than the motorhome.

I'm sure it will take practice!

Great photos of the ride... cheers!

Rick said...

Nice that you got to go on a great bike ride with your friends. Maybe it's a good thing that you won't be able to fit as much stuff into the MH as you used to get in the truck and 5'er! I'm sure you'll end up taking what's essential and leave the rest.

Rod Ivers said...

You will end up with two of everything, and perhaps a third for the motorhome. We understand because we have a lake place for the summer in Missouri, and our home here in KC. But also spend the winter in the motorhome.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hey Pops, I HEAR you :-) Can't wait to see you too!! I'll get you ALL organized and it's guarantee to be a BLAST!!! Love and Hugs to you and Mom. We'll see you soon, Yippee!!!

Love y'all,
Your Kids

Anonymous said...

HI Folks - Love your blog, look forward to it each week. The scenery is gorgous. Do Bonnie and John have a blog? Safe travels!

Motorcycle Windscreen said...

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