Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are EXCITED today!!

Yesterday, we received word that the "Kids", Rollie and Gina, were headed back this way....that made both Ms Pat and I jump with joy! They got a late start and Ms Pat and Gina kept in contact all day long as they got closer and closer. It was fun following their progress.  I couldn't wait to see them.  I knew, leaving that late, they would never make it in one day. They were in Big Timber, MT and that's 425 miles from Custer. Now that's an easy day for them but not when they leave at noon. I figured they would make about 300 miles, maybe to Gillette, WY. They zipped right on threw Gillette and proceeded on.

Soon they were getting close to Newcastle, WY. which is close to the South Dakota state line. It was getting dark and they were only 30 miles away. I remembered a big pull off on the East side of New Castle so Ms Pat and I suggested they stop there and get some rest. They had to be tired.  They had driven right at 390 miles. So close....but suddenly it was "BLACK" dark outside and the deer are very plentiful around here right now.  There are some winding, twisting roads and construction as they pass Jewel Cave National Park. The moon was nearly full but it wasn't up yet and it was what we call "Pitch" dark. The moon came up around 10-11pm and then it was nice and bright. We were happy they stayed where they were safe and sound for the night.  I'm sure they will be here this morning in a couple hours. We are sure anxious to see them.

Our job of wrapping things up around here and getting the Motorhome loaded with what we can carry is a job that has both Ms Pat and I about exhausted. We both just feel totally worn out. I can hardly make it past 3pm and I'm about ready to drop..  I'm not doing that much work that I should be tired like this. I guess all this running like crazy, making all kinds of important decisions, has taken its toll.  All of a sudden, I'm restless, bored and confused.  I just want to take off.... I'm done caring what I should take, what I should leave, what I must have and what I may need and what I won't need. That kind of stuff drives me bonkers.  As one of my Idol's used to say "Lets head 'em up and move 'em out". (John Wayne)  Lets ROLL!!  

Monday is BUFFALO ROUNDUP time up here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  This is a picture I posted  of my good buddy and x-boss at Custer State Park, Ron Tietsort. He is head of Law Enforcement.

We worked the Roundup for many years and it was a very memorable, exciting time in our life. We have NEVER been there as a spectator. Monday we will be up before the "crack of dawn" and take Rollie and Gina and Mark and Dale to the annual BUFFALO ROUNDUP.  We will be "Spectator's" for a change!  It will be a Gala Affair, the weather is looking favorable and the crowd is expected to be the largest ever, around 15,000 viewers..  It will be an experience....a good one I'm sure..  It's SOMETHING to see.

Time to get up and around, as I know Rollie and Gina will be coming over the hill and headed up our driveway soon.  We can hardly wait!!!  Hallelujah!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Great picture of the buffalo roundup. Hope your boss had a fast horse under him! You'll be back in heaven on earth for a while with Rollie and Gina. See you later.

Jim said...

Wish I was there to join you guys for the buffalo roundup, I sure enjoyed it as a spectator.
I know what you mean by .. "what I should take, what I should leave, what I must have and what I may need and what I won't need". I've ended up with just about two of everything, a summer homebase set and a winter homebase set.

Rick said...

Great pic of the Buffalo Roundup - sure looks interesting. Have a great week with your friends!

JB said...

That is a great picture and from what I saw the few times the neighbours buffalo came to visit a "roundup" must be an exciting thing. We pushed them helter skelter every which way until finally the buffalo decided that they wanted to go in a direction we could live with and then we just tried to keep them on track until they finally headed home. Never had to worry about gates though as those critters flew over our fences like deer.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

The buffalo roundup looks like a good time.

Karen and Al said...

I love the buffalo picture. What exactly did you do when you worked the roundup? Did you ride the horses too? How exciting that must be. I'm afraid to ask, but what happens to the buffalo when they are rounded up?

We're in the process of selling our house to start fulltiming and we are trying to make those keep it or not decisions and you're right, it's exhausting!

Connie and Rod said...

That is an incredible photograph of your friend/ex-boss of the buffalo roundup. Definetly one for the fireplace mantle. :)


Janna and Mike said...

Give those guys a big hug for us!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Love the pic of the roundup. One of these years I want to stick around the Black Hills long enough to see that event.

Happytrails said...

I can hear your excitement talking about Rollie and Gina returning!!
What a blessing!!

Love the buffalo roundup pic!! I would love to see that....maybe one day we will be able to do that.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)