Sunday, September 5, 2010

We're On the Road and Will Be Home Happy Hour!!

Here we are Thursday right about noon just before we left Motorhomes of Texas heading for home. They had just taken us to the fuel station and filled our tanks with 180 gal of Diesel and filled the 75 lb Propane tank. We had everything we could find wrong all fixed and were ready to hit the road.

Wow....we were excited!! This was going to be an experience! Ms Pat said a little prayer as I jumped behind the wheel.
Let's see, where is everything. Boy, there sure are lots of switches and buttons. Will I ever learn where everything is? First, adjust the tilting, telescoping steering wheel..... OK, now just press the "D" drive button and TAKE OFF...   Ooops, first release the brakes!!  We're OFF!!
Ms Megabyte2 is also excited, look how big her eyes are. We put her bed on the couch and she crawled right into it...........She's thinking.....What have they done now!!

We drove an easy 270 miles to just over the Oklahoma border and parked at the big WinStar Casino. I was very pleased with the way the Foretravel handled.  The 450 hp diesel engine was very responsive and had plenty of power. It handles beautifully!! We spent a very, pleasant night with Security checking the area about every half hour.

From the WinStar casino, we drove 184 miles on up to Stillwater, OK where our good friends Gene and Ann Benson live. We got in there right about lunch time and Gene met us and led us to his beautiful lot on the lake where we spent the night.
We spent the afternoon visiting and helping Gene and Ann get their Motorhome situated on the Tailgating parking area of Oklahoma State Universty where their team was playing a big football game the next day.  Their spot on the lake is beautiful and we had a great night. This is a picture as we were leaving the next morning. Thanks so much Gene and Ann. We hope next time we can stay a little longer. It was so great seeing you both.  We'll see you again at the HDT Rally in a month or so.

It's been 2 weeks since we left home in pursuit of our Dream Motorhome. We were prepared to spend 2 months if it took that long. But Pat and I are are so anxious to get home. This living out of a suitcase and in motels is definitely for the birds....not us!!  Plus, we have lots of things to do before we leave Custer.

We left Stillwater and drove 425 miles to one of my old stomping grounds, Grand Island, NE. This is where I had my first assignment when I went on the Nebraska State Highway Patrol, way back in 1958.  My, how this place has changed. We spent the night in the Sam's Club parking lot after we went in and spent $125.00 for groceries.
Well, you can see that Ms Megabyte2 has learned to relax and has grown quite fond of this new adventure and lifestyle we have chosen.  "Ahhhh", she says, "this is the Life"!!

We are also getting a little more used to our new home as we continue to learn where things are and how they operate.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you Wednesday. 

May God bless you all as He has we continue to give Him our Thanks.

Mark and Dale, we should be there by Happy Hour!!  See ya soon!!


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Glad to see you are almost home, it's always good to get home after a trip like yours, Hope you will have your new Cabin all fixed up before you have to head south for the winter. Your new rig looks great. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

I sure hope Ms Megabyte2 gets comfortable soon! LOL! Your new home on wheels is beautiful and I'm so happy that you found it.

Paul Weaver said...

Love the pictures....Megabyte seems to have issued her approval. Really cute pics of her!!

I often think our cat (Bella) has thoughts like Megabyte..."What the heck have they gotten me into now!" Funny!!

Enjoy learning all about your new home...looks wonderful!


Happytrails said...

Well, you guys are on your way!! Travel safely and enjoy the journey! Looks like Ms. Megabyte 2 is having a nice trip.

God Bless
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

God has sure blessed you with a great life and a beautiful new home on wheels.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Have to agree about motel trips. We're in a Super 8 this week, and while it is "satisfactory" as a motel, it's deinitely not our cup of tea. We have to carry so much stuff with us due to medical situations and wanting to hold down meal prices (we have our own coffee pot, an AC/DC cooler to keep milk and other stuff refrigerated) -- etc. Your new rig is a beaut! We know you'll drive safely and keep it sparking shiny!

Rick said...

Looks like you are having a nice, comfortable and trouble-free trip back home - that's great. Ms. Megabyte sure seems to like the new rig.

I'd be interested in hearing how it drives and handles as compared to your previous Volvo and Teton rig.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like a great first trip with the new rig.


Travels with Emma said...

Did you install a Pressure Pro system before you hit the road?? :)

Freely Living Life said...

Your new home is simply beautiful!

Happy and safe travels!


Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Looks like a beautiful rig! What a great choice!

test said...

Your new home is beautiful, and happy that you found something so quickly. Glad to see that Ms. Megabyte 2 is feeling comfortable with her new home as well. Enjoy!!!!