Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Blog for 2012

Happy New Year everybody!!!
Here we go again,,,2011 is gone. Time to start another brand new year…….
By 6:30 pm New Years Eve, we were up at the Activities Center ready to bring in 2012. 

Charlie and Will were at the controls of the sound equipment and did a fine job of spinning the “good ole' oldies”…….plus some newbies.

Soon the line dancers were warming up………Ms. Pat right in the middle of them.   She just loves this Line Dancing. The thing I like about it is, the Gals can do it alone!! I do enjoy watching. Now out in my shop with no one around and one of my favorite tunes comes on, I can cut a pretty fancy rug. But out there on the dance floor, I would fall all over my self and never be in step with everyone else…. 

It wasn’t long until everybody was out on the dance floor a "swoonin' and a swayin'"!

For all you disbelievers.....yep, I went!! Really I did! Here is proof I was there and right at the stroke of midnight (in NYC) I was blowing my horn and a whoopin' and hollerin'!!……Yes, I even made it out on the dance floor for 5-6 dances!!   I know you are in total shock but 2011 was a GOOD YEAR!!  We had a few ups and downs but all in all, we can't complain.

We enjoyed our Summer and finishing our "Cabin" in South Dakota.  We took a short trip over to Gillette, WY to attend the Escapade.  When we left Custer and headed south, we stopped off Lincoln, NE. to visit with DIL Ann, then on to Florida, staying at JRogers place eating a LOT of seafood and seeing all the Kids, Grandkids and Great Grandkids in Tallahassee.  Even had a wonderful reunion of coworkers at our stick house neighbors and friends, Chuck and Rhoda. Then, we visited with Pat's son Gus in Slidell, LA and then down the road a few miles, we spent some enjoyable time with our “Kids” Rollie and Gina , at their home in Denham Springs, LA. As we continued our journey home to North Ranch, we stopped and visited with the Grandsons in Tucson. Then, we anxiously continued on to our place near Congress, AZ. wasn't just a GOOD YEAR,  it was a GREAT YEAR!!

Needless to say, I didn’t have a bit of trouble getting to sleep when we got home last night…….Plus this morning, although I didn’t get up until 5:00am, I feel great!!  Proud to be Alive and Proud to be an American.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!   We are off and running for another 52 weeks!!

Hope you all have a Happy “SAFE” New Year………..   God Bless.


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great way to start the New Year. I am sure you & Ms Pat will have a great one, Maybe our paths will cross this year who knows. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Happy New Year to you two..

Donna K said...

Wishing you all the best in 2012. God Bless.

ropech said...

Hope you and Pat have a great year in 2012. It was nice to see you folks in Tallahassee last year. Maybe we can visit again in 2012. Chuck & Rhoda

Sue Malone said...

Congrats on actually being awake to ring in the New Year! Wishing you the best in the year to come.

Happytrails said...

Happy New Year to you and Pat...and yes, we too are proud to be ans American. Isn't it refreshing to know Who holds the past,present and future!!
Safe travels and peaceful days in 2012.

squawmama said...

Wishing you a year that brings good friends, good health, good luck, good things & safe travels!
Happy New Year

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Glad you two had a great time "cuttin' up the rug."

Russ Krecklow said...

Thanks again for sharing. We'll look forward to your adventures in 2012. Happy new Year for sure.

Sue and Doug said...

wishing you and Pat all the best in 2012!!!..Happy New year!!!

Al Bossence said...

Hey Mike, I was hoping to see some pics of you doing the Limbo. A little bird told me you have been known to cut a mean Watusi in your workshop.....:))

Elaine said...

Happy New year to you both....may you have health happiness and happy travels...!!!