Sunday, January 15, 2012

Visiting Prescott, AZ.

Thursday we made it to Prescott early to get the oil changed in the Silverado. Oh!  Look at the new pickups!!  My, oh my!!  I told Ms. Pat, maybe we should just trade it for a new one.  I was just kidding, but I was kinda glad when she said “No Way” this one is still new.  It didn’t take but about 30 minutes for them to have it back up front all done, washed up pretty and ready for another 8000 miles.  The whole time waiting, Ms. Pat went inside and sat down at one of their many public computers and checked out all her email, etc. I looked up ole' Bill, the salesman that sold us the truck. Bill is one fine guy and I enjoy him.....nice down to earth, country fella that has been selling Chevy's for 29 years. He really knows his Chevrolet’s!!

I wanted to ask him if he would help me re-program the front seat on my Silverado, that I couldn’t figure out how to do.  “Sure", he said, "lets go look at it”.   When I shut it off and remove the key, the seat automatically slides all the way back so you can easily get out, which is fine. However, then when you come back and unlock the doors the seat automatically slides way up forward. So far forward, that I can’t even get in.  Then I have to push a button on the dash and to move it back into my previously memorized position.  I told Bill I wanted it just to stay all the way back until I get in, then I can push the button and have it slide into my memorized "personal" position.   Bill says, “OK, we can do that”. He pushed a few buttons, turned the key switch off and on a couple times and said “There, try that”.  Awwww....perfect, that’s the way I want it.  Whew, glad to get that done. I must have tried to do that 50 times and couldn’t get it right. I knew Bill could do it.  So we were off to see know the usual places, Costco, Sam’s and Wal-Mart.  Then, of course, the Gun Shop!!

At the Gun Shop I wanted to put my hands on one of the new small Ruger LC9 9mm automatic Pistols that Ruger just introduced on the market. It's only been out a month or so and is getting a lot of attention and selling like hot cakes. It sure is a nice feeling little Pistol and I will look for a good deal on one to add to my collection…. just Google Ruger LC9 and take a look! Smooth action and superb trigger pull. Ruger has really gone places in the Firearm industry and has become very highly recognized and respected. They make fine guns, and right here is the USA!!

Here is another very interesting fact that you might not know....all of Ruger’s Automatic Firearms are manufactured right here in Prescott! They are in a big complex out by the airport north of town. I told the gun dealer that I thought I would go out to Ruger’s complex and take a tour. He said “Forget it.  They won’t let you near the place.  No tours or anything”!! Shucks.  I will check that out for sure, but if we can’t I will get my buddy JRoger from Florida out here.  He is a personal friend and was in the Marine Corps with one of the owner's son's or relatives of some sort and he is now high up at this plant.  Maybe he could get us in. But then again, maybe not.  Come on out JRoger, lets give it a try.  Plus, I have a zillion other things out here I want to show you…..:-)

After we spent some time looking for another little Gun shop that a friend told me about and couldn’t find, we called it a day in Prescott and headed for the Ranch....North Ranch. We got home right at 4:00 o’clock.....Happy Hour, of course....but too late to go to the Thursday afternoon Jam session at the Club House. They start playing music about 2 pm and break up at 4, so we just missed it.  Darn, I like going to the Jam sessions. We have some great musicians here in the park and up in Wickenburg. Plus there is usually always a few passing through and staying in the RV Park here.

Everybody is heading for Quartzsite nowadays and just staging here for a few days until all the festivities start over there.   It's only about 90 miles from here, just a short jaunt. Everybody is asking  if we are going and we’re not sure. Back in the late 90’s, we went almost every year and just kinda got tired of all the crowd hassle.  We went over to Bouse, AZ last year....that’s close to Qz. We mainly went because the kids were here and I always wanted to camp with our kids and finally got to.    Plus Jim and Ellie, Mike and Janna, John and Brenda and a few others were all parked in the same area way out in the desert.    I can’t come up with a good reason to go this year.  Anybody over there that can give me a good reason? Who is over there this year anyhow and where are ya? I don’t really care for big organized rallies that last a week or longer and are all structured to attend this and attend that.  My attention span is way too short for that.  It's kinda like, "Been there Done that", if ya know what I mean.   So we don’t know if we will go or not, but we’re gonna have to make up our minds soon cause it's getting close….

We were extremely pleased to have Ron and Yvonne stop and see us this week.. They are RV’ers and 4 wheelers staying in the campground here at North Ranch and heading over to Qz in the near future. They have been reading my Blog for a while and unbelievably, they are from Custer, South Dakota. They have a big ranch just south of Pringle.  It was good to meet them and I hope we get a chance to get better acquainted, here or up in SD. Sorry I forgot to get a picture, but I will next time!

We want to welcome Where’s Weaver to our followers.  I know Weaver has been around before quite often and I have always enjoyed his remarks. Hope to hear more from him and everyone else, too. I get well over 400 views for each Blog and believe me, I know how hard it is to find time to comment on everybodys.  But boy, I can sure tell you we enjoy getting them. It's hard for me to keep up the encouragement to sit down and write this stuff.  I had to take the Shout Box down because of all the Spam it received. Sorry for those of you that liked to use it....Fuzz, Chuck and Weaver especially.  Just click on the bottom of the Blog on the Comments section and leave a comment there. You can use Anonymous if you want to, then just put your name in the comment. That way you don’t have to have an account with Google..

Anyhow, hang in there with me and thanks for stopping by.

Praise the Lord for the many, many blessing he provides us. God Bless you all!!


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Anonymous said...

Look forward to Wednesday & Sunday reading your blog. Have Rollie & Gina stopped traveling. We haven't seen a new blog post in a very long time.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like your truck is ready to gom and your lusting after a 9mm,I have a 9mm S&W like the Illinois State Police used for years, in fact mine was one of their trade ins.After the Glock 40 the 9mm just doesn't cut it anymore, not as much hitting power and 16 rounds in the Glock, I went to the Glock Armorers School when I was on the PD and when I completed it they let you buy any Glock at cost, I got a brand new 40 for $300 bucks,I like em, you could have a table full of them and pick anyone and it will be dead on, unless some nimrod took a hammer to the sights.Well be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Thanks for the shout out! We really enjoy reading your blog and following along on your journey. We are with you too....Praise the Lord for our many blessings!

Jack said...

Nothing like a nice pocket gun. And the LC9 is nicer than the LCP in .380. At least to me. But it has been out longer than you think Mike. You should be able to find some used ones.

I agree with you about Ruger. I'm looking for an SR9c. Nice compact. The Glock 19 competes with it....

Jim Thomson said...

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Jim Thomson said...

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Al Bossence said...

Kelly's been rattling my chain a bit about stopping in Quartzsite again this year but I've been rattling the chain right back saying...."are ya nuts!!"

Bob Fritz said...

I have been reading your blog for the last year and a half or so and just love it. I'm retiring from the Worthington MN Police Dept. June 1st after 25 years. Laurie and I are going to be fulltiming and are really excited. We are planning to attend the Escapees Boot Camp in Congress Feb 3-5 and will be looking at a class A that we are interested in near Sun City. By the way, I bought a Ruger LC9 last fall and LOVE it. Nice off duty gun and shoots great.
Have a great day and we hope to meet you and Pat sometime.

Bob & Laurie

Anonymous said...

Read you blog and enjoy it, get the lc9 i love mine, shoots good have 300 rounds through mine.
With all that shooting better start reloading it is fun to shoot you own reloads.

Rod Ivers said...

Your salesman missed his opportunity, should have told you that the 2012 would move its seat like you wanted it to! But that the old one didn't do it right...........

Living in KC doesn't give us much of a chance to shoot, so I have stayed away from the expense of owning a new pistol, but that Ruger sounds oh so nice.

Phil and Rudee said...

another retired LEO here from Indiana. Your post brought back memories when the PD sent me to Gunsight Academy in Paulden, AZ. Stayed at the Hasayampa (sp?) in Prescott and spent 2 weeks doing nothing but shooting on the range! Bliss!!


Phil and Rudee said...

another retired LEO here. your post brought back memories when the PD sent me to Gunsight Academy in Paulden Az. Stayed at the Hasayampa (sp?) in Prescott. Great week spent on the range!