Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Shooting

Ms. Pat has been excited about her first class on Pistol orientation every since she attended last week. She couldn’t wait to get back this week. It’s every Tuesday and starts at 12:00 noon.  So yesterday was the "big day".  It was a little cool in the morning, but by noon it was a beautiful day.  Her Line Dancing Class is 4 days a week, but luckily Tuesday was an open day, so these Gun classes work right in.
This is Jerry and Caryl, her instructors here at the Wickenburg Sportsman's Club. All this instruction is free and they are volunteers. They are wonderful instructors and what a great opportunity for the ladies. I can think of no better way for someone to get valuable training on safety, proper gun handling and shooting techniques FREE.  We are very thankful that these folks are willing to do this. Mike and Janna this picture is for you. :-)

There are about 12 Ladies participating, so Jerry takes 6 on one bay and Caryl takes the others on a different bay. This keeps the classes nice and small, which is good and the instructors can do a lot of one on one training. Ms Pat is in Jerry’s class. The class lasts about 3 hours each Tuesday (12:00 - 3:00 pm) and consists of safety instruction, range shooting and class discussion. It is directed towards personal protection but some of the more experienced ladies shoot in competition. Several of the ladies are from North Ranch, one is even in Ms Pat's line dance class.  Ms Pat fired about 50 rounds…. great practice!!!

Meanwhile, I went over to one of the Rifle bays and set up one of my rifles so I could sight in my new scope. WOW, I couldn’t believe it. I had the entire 100 yd bay all to myself.   Wonderful...just the way I like it and such comfort! I am not used to such convenience.  Look....shooting tables, chairs and all!!  No one else was anywhere around so no worry about “Hot Range” or “Cold Range” or anything for the entire 3 hours. I was in distractions, no pressure, walk down the range to my target at anytime.  Believe it or not, my problems sighting in both rifles worked out perfectly. I soon had them zeroed in and was able to shoot perfect bull's eyes. Hurray!!!! I was having a hard time out at our little desert shooting spot trying to accomplish this. What a difference this place makes!

The target is way down range, you can just barely see it in the picture above this's right at the end of the barrel.  I used my camera telephoto lens here to get a better picture of it.

But these scopes bring the target right up to the end of the barrel.. The scope on the rifle is a new Hawke 3-9x40.  The best price I could find was at Bowhunter Supply.  It’s kind of a new brand that came on the market recently and is getting some very good reviews. So I decided to give it a try. It's rather large for this little Ruger 10/22, but works great. Maybe someday if I get a larger gun, I can switch it over. Anyhow, I had a great time while Ms Pat was enjoying her pistol class. Now she has this big list of things she wants, like belt magazine holders, special electronic noise controlling ear protectors, etc. etc. Plus I’ll have to buy her a ton of ammo.  I have an idea she will be going through more .40 Cal bullets than we have ever used before.  Gosh, maybe I outta learn this reloading stuff?  I'll have to ask my consultant.

It's another busy week here at our place at North Ranch near Congress, AZ. Today is Ms. Pats dance class and tomorrow we are off for the City of Prescott to the Chevy dealer. It was one year ago in December when we bought this new Silverado. We have only put 8000 miles on it in over a year but now the dash light is flashing “Change oil,,,,,,,Change oil”!!!!  Plus OnStar is sending me emails telling me to get it into the dealer for an oil change.  I have always changed my own oil in all my vehicles but it gets harder and harder, so we decided we would just have them do it.  We’re getting old and retired ya' know!  Plus, there's a gun shop I want to stop at up there in good ole Prescott ! Smile

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks again for stopping by and checking up on us………………


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Rod Ivers said...

Mike, I reloaded .357 for a number of years when I was shooting a lot more.

It is kind of a quiet past time that can be done in the evening. I got so I was sizing cases and replacing primers the instant the brass was spent. Then I reloaded the powder and set a new bullet as I needed to go shoot.

Wad cutters are a whole lot cheaper to shoot. I never did get into pouring lead, because I could always pick up the wad cutters at gun shows cheaper than making them. Besides melting lead always seemed to me as a way to burn the house down!!


Elaine said...

alas the only thing I own that shootable is a camera..I'm petrified of guns...kudos to you for learning the safety techniques!!

Janna and Mike said...

Thanks Mike--it's always good to see photos of good friends!

Allen DuGuay said...

Nice to see that you and Ms. Pat are enjoying the range. Nice looking scope. Think I would pass on doing my own oil change also with all the new electronic stuff to reset. Have a Great Weekend!