Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Visit Out to Jerry and Caryl’s

Since I was getting quite interested in this reloading Ammo thing and asking Ms. Pat’s range instructor a lot of questions, he said “You're welcome to come over and see my set up”. Ah, that would be great, so the next day we headed that way.
Here we are at Jerry and Caryl’s neat little place. They have a beautiful view and down below in the back they have corrals and keep a few horses. These are quite the interesting folks that moved here from Montana. They have been here for several years and even lived at North Ranch for a while.  They wanted a place to keep horses and found this place. Jerry said they had to do a lot of work on it to get it to this point.
Both Jerry and Caryl are avid shooters, members of the Cowboy Action Shooters and several other organizations, plus both are instructors and caretakers of the Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club. They have been on many hunting expedition's all over the World and have dozens of trophies they brought back. Note the Mountain Goat above Caryl’s head.
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Caryl is also an avid quilter.  This is some of her beautiful work that has won several awards and ribbons.  She will be entering a couple of these beauties in the State Competition.

This fellow greets you as you walk in the door..  a bobcat from Montana.
I love this Bear……
Water Buffalo from Africa
This is a Water Buffalo Jerry tagged in Africa. He has several more around.

This is Jerry's reloading set up he has in the house. He has 3 or 4 more set up out in his shop.
Jerry went over a lot of things with me, showed me a lot and answered a lot of questions. I have been reading and researching but there is nothing like a “hands on” demonstration. I watched him load a few, then he let me load a few.  WOW, I hope I can learn all this stuff. My brain is on overload, but I am learning. Jerry told me that if I get a loader, he will help me get it set up. Man. that’s wonderful!! 

We sure did enjoy our visit with these great folks and thanks very much Jerry for all your expertise and assistance in getting me started in this new interesting project.  I have an awful lot to learn about reloading but it is extremely interesting and I enjoy it, plus I’m learning everyday!  I sure wish I had paid more attention when I was at my friend JRoger's place in Florida. He has a fine set up for reloading there and could have really got me going.   Meanwhile, we are keeping the phone and emails flying with my questions…….

Yesterday, we went back out to the Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club to watch some “Action Shooting” and games. We wanted to watch all the action and see what it is all about. They have this scheduled almost every Saturday morning and get quite a few shooters. I talked to a couple people from Surprise and Sun City in Phoenix. It was fun to watch and I think Ms. Pat is just itching to get involved.  Me, I don’t know?  I’m not as eager to jump in, as I said before I really don’t care for organized stuff. But ya never know....we’ll see and play it by ear……(-:  

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We’re keepin' busy, havin' fun and have lots of stuff planned. Thanks for stopping by and we do hope you will come on back……

If the folks that wrote telling me they are coming to North Ranch for the Escapee's “Boot Camp” will please look us up while you’re here, we would love to meet you.

You all be safe and God Bless..


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Bob said...

Is that a Snider Enfield hanging up over the bench?
Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

My Dad was a member of a shooting club...shotguns...not sure what exactly they shot at...but they paid me to reload their shotgun shells...a penny a shell...I was eight nor nine years old...and I thought I was making money!!!...LOL...I realized a few years ago....that I was getting 24 cents a box...highway robbery!!!...I'm sure they're all shooting at something in heaven...laughing cause they got the cheap shells!!!

Rod Ivers said...

I used, and had the best luck with the Speer's Reloading Manual. It is just jam packed with info on almost every round that has ever been made. The book is almost a bible on reloading.

Get yourself one and start studying. I spent hours reading and understanding the differences on each shell and why they made it.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Caryl is a very talented lady. She does beautiful work. I love that Bobcat! ~wheresweaver

Elaine said...

love love love the bobcat...I'd be snuggled up with it..very interesting home they it...her quilts are wonder she wins competitions with them...what a great day!!!

Bob Fritz said...

I was the one who said my wife Laurie & I are going to be at the RV Bootcamp next weekend. We'll try to look you and Pat up. Have a great week.

Bob Fritz