Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Gentle Reminder....

This week we have had some temperatures that remind us it's time to wrap up the loose ends and prepare to head south. The heating systems on our new Motorhome are getting a good workout. Monday when we got out of bed it was 33 degree's, Wednesday it was 52, Thursday 37 and this morning it's 35.

Yesterday, it was damp, foggy, misty and cool all day. I stepped outside about 7am ready to start on another day of packing the Motorhome and the chill and light mist hit me in the face. It was 36 deg and the kind of cool chill that goes right through you.  I decided since it was a Football Saturday, it would be a great day to just lay low, take the day off and watch my two favorite College teams play Football.  Both teams made me proud. Nebraska beat Washington and Florida State won over BYU.  Way to go!  It felt good to just "do nothing" for a day. It's been a long time since we've done that. The high for the day was only 48. Next week its supposed to warm up again for a while. Today the sky is completly clear and its a beautiful day.

Ms Megabyte2 and I enjoyed watching the Deer graze in our front yard through the windshield of the Motorhome.

Mark Bruss has been working on my Laptop for the last 3 days trying to discover why it is using up so many megabytes. It's using way too much of the 5GB Verizon has allotted to us each month.   Most of it is uploading, so something is happening that shouldn't be. Several days it used up to 2GB in one day.....way too much!!  Most of my days run around 130MB and that runs us close to our limit each month, so with Pat's usage we have to watch it very close.  I have been "grounded" from using it for weeks and it's about to drive me "bonkers".  I have borrowed Ms Pats laptop but it doesn't have the things on it I need to do my Blogs. It's just hard to operate anymore without your own "personal" computer.  I don't see how people exist without one.  That said, I know I sometimes spend too much time on the computer.  You don't get much exercise or any fresh air or any of those things that make you live a longer, healthier life. So, maybe it's good they break down sometimes. It's lengthening our life!!

We continue the long, slow process of getting things prepared to leave these beautiful Black Hills and head back to the beautiful hills and desert area of Arizona. I'm real anxious to get back in our new house at North Ranch.  We're going to South Texas first and see all our friends in Retama Village in Mission.  We need to clean our personal stuff out of the Coach House in case we sell it over the Winter.  Here is the website if you know anyone that's interested.  3903 Lark Drive We have a nice BBQ grill there that is also For Sale, since we have no room to haul it.

We're off to Church this morning and then back to work.  Their is a LOT to do getting one of these places prepared to leave it for 6 months. But we LOVE IT!!!

Rollie and Gina ... we know this has been a tough week for you both.  We've been praying for you every day.  Drive safely.  We love you and can't wait to see you.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you down the road.

Remember to tell your kids you love them.  They may not be around forever.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, I'm sure we missed something. We thought you were at your place in Custer where you have the brand new apartment, yet you say your motohome heater has been working a lot. Are you in the MH or the apartment? At any rate, it's good to have you back as the two of you in your RVing life!

Debbie Goode said...

I know what you mean about the computer. When Bill brought our first computer home I wanted nothing to do with it and now I can't imagine life without it...he! he! We too, have seen a few deer here at our river spot in Indiana. Soooo, beautiful and sweet. Happy and safe travels to you both!

Rick said...

Those temps you're experiencing would be the only 'gentle reminder' I'd need to point that big new MH south and get going.

Weird problem with your laptop. It almost sounds like some gremlin has taken over and is sending out spam mail using your computer. I'm sure Mark has already tried this, but if not, download Malwarebytes (just google it) and see if it can detect any problems - it's pretty good.

Good luck..

Sharon Del Rosario said...

I couldn't use anyone else's computer, either. Nor could I share. It would be almost like sharing a toothbrush! You'll soon be on the road and putting those chilly days behind you. Wish we could buy your BBQ, but we have no way to get it from Texas to AZ.